BERGFEX: Skijaško područje An der dürren Fichte / Siegmundsburg - Skijaški dopust An der dürren Fichte / Siegmundsburg

Skijaška područja Tiringija

Skijaško područje An der dürren Fichte / Siegmundsburg

800 - 840m
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An der dürren Fichte /...

800 - 840m

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Danas, 16:31
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Skijaško područje An der dürren Fichte / Siegmundsburg

The Skicenter " Dürre Fichte " in Siegmundsburg is an ideal place to take the first steps on skis and at the same time a good place for the entire family to meet , relax and experience something. The snow-sure hang features a long slope ( approx. 350 m long ) , relatively flat where children and the entire family feel comfortable in any case. To avoid in the future any kind of problems related to the use of the ski-lift  there is, next to the " Kindergartenlift " , the possibility for the youngest to practice in a 100m long stretch.
A quick learning success is garanteed by local ski schools and ski rentals.
For all the more experienced on skis there is the possibility to experience a forest-slope as well as a moguled-slope. For those who are looking for more action  the " Snow-tubing grounds "  are the right place. They are located directly by the slope start. 
The  " Tubing-grounds " are operating all year round and have the first " Tubing-hill" of Germany.
During winter season the " Tubing-grounds " are open on Saturdays till 10pm under floodlights.
The ski-lift is also the starting point of the cross - country ski tours along the prepared ski trails.
If you want to have a quick lunch you will find an 
" Imbiss " next to the ski-lift and another one next to the " Tubing-grounds ".
Parking areas are located close to the ski-lift, next to the " Snow-Tubing-grounds "  and also at the town exit of Siegmundsburg, direction Friedrichshöhe.

Kontakt Skijaško područje An der dürren Fichte / Siegmundsburg

Skigebiet Dürre Fichte
Eichhornsgasse 43, D-96523 Steinach

+49 36762 12487
Snježni telefon
+49 800 7236488
Početna stranica
Planinske žičare Turistički savez
Vrednovanje 3,8
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