BERGFEX: Skijaško trčanje Bad Ischl Langlaufparadies Rettenbachalm: Skijaško trčanje Bad Ischl Langlaufparadies Rettenbachalm


Skijaško trčanje Bad Ischl Langlaufparadies Rettenbachalm

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Bad Ischl Langlaufparadies Rettenbachalm

636 m

Loipenplan Bad Ischl Langlaufparadies Rettenbachalm

The Cross Country Center in Rettenbachalm offers its guests safe snow conditions by 10 perfectly groomed kilometers of trails (classic and skating)!

The Rettenbachalm enjoys the wonderful ambience of the once largest lower mountain pasture of the Salzkammergut and thus extreme amounts of snow. There are extremely well-developed trails in all levels of difficulty. The Nordic Center is located eight kilometers from the center of Bad Ischl and is both delicious- and competition-ready!

  • Length: (skating and classic) 10 km
  • 2 km - Winter Hiking Trail
  • Entry: Rettenbachalm
  • Difficulty level: all levels / race track
  • Refreshments: Rettenbach Alm

Completely newly created trails on one of the largest low-alpine mountain pasture of Europe. With its unique location, the trails are extremely snow-secure.

Free shuttle bus from Bad Ischl to the Rettenbachalm, on Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 a.m. from the Salzkammergut Tourism station (Götzstraße 12). costs per Person EUR 10,00
Please call 0664 / 338 77 83 the day before you want to go to Rettenbachalm!


Gasthaus Rettenbachalm - Öffnungszeiten: 09 00 - 21 00 Uhr
Täglich warme Küche (durchgehend von 11.30 - 12.00 Uhr) !
Montag - Ruhetag!!

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+43 (0)6132 27757
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klasične trkačke staze
10 km
Sehr schneesichere Loipe inmitten herrlicher Berglandschaft
Loipe za skating
10 km
Sehr schneesichere Loipe inmitten herrlicher Berglandschaft
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