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Skijaško trčanje Faistenau

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Loipenplan Faistenau

The 60-kilometre network of cross-country skiing trails in Faistenau comprises 3 perfectly groomed cross-country skiing runs with difficulty levels ranging from easy to intermediate. Your cross-country skiing expedition starts at the sports ground (cross country skiing stadium) in the village. The trail will take you along the edge of the village to the beautiful Tiefbrunnauer Valley. The cross-country skiing runs are located in sunny areas and do not boast major differences in altitude.

In addition to the general cross country skiing runs a special night trail is available. The 5-kilometre Kugelberg Trail comprises a classic cross-country skiing run and a skating trail and is illuminated by floodlights from the onset of dusk until 9pm every day. This trail originates at the sports ground of the local school.

Cross-country skiing information and rules of conduct

  • Skiers are requested to ski only in the designated direction of the cross-country skiing run
  • In the event of oncoming skiers please move to the left
  • Please overtake slower skiers on the left or right if a clear trail is available
  • Slower skiers are not required to make room for faster skiers (they have the right of way)
  • Skating is only permitted on the skating runs
  • Please adhere to the warning and information signs
  • Please do not litter on the cross-country skiing runs
  • Dogs are not permitted on the cross-country skiing runs
  • Please park only in designated parking areas

Shower facilities, changing rooms and toilets are available for all cross-country skiers at the main entrance of the elementary school in Faistenau village centre.



  • Access to the cross-country skiing runs is SUBJECT TO A FEE
  • Ticket for one season € 75,- / Ticket for one week € 30,- / Ticket for one day € 8,-
  • The ticket you get in the tourist office in Faistenau or at the starting points of the cross-country skiing runs.
  • Free access to the trail for youths under the age of 15
  • Use of the cross-country skiing runs is at your own risk


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Aktualne informacije o stazama

+43 6226 8384 41
Trkačke staze Pregled
klasične trkačke staze
32.2 km
Loipe za skating
32.2 km
Osvjetljene skijaške staze
5 km
Kugelberg Loipe
Vrednovanje 4,3
12 Vrednovanja
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Sport Auer

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Tourismusverband Fuschlseeregion - Ortsbüro Faistenau

Am Lindenplatz 1, A-5324 Faistenau
+43 (0)6226 8384 41

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