BERGFEX: Skijaško područje Kasina Ski&Bike Park - Skijaški dopust Kasina Ski&Bike Park

Skijaška područja Lesser Poland

Skijaško područje Kasina Ski&Bike Park

650 - 950m
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Kasina Ski&Bike Park

650 - 950m

Plan skijaških staza Skijaško područje Kasina Ski&Bike Park
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Danas, 18:44
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Radna vremena Zima

19.12.2020 - 28.03.2021
08:00 - 22:00

czynne poniedziałek - piątek 9-22
weekend 8-22
codziennie przerwa techniczna 16-18

Skijaške staze Kasina Ski&Bike Park

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Skijaško područje Kasina Ski&Bike Park

Our ski slopes guarantee excellent fun and complete relaxation in the fresh air for every skier. If you are planning a skiing holiday in Poland, Kasina SKI&BIKE is the best choice!

The Kasina Ski&Bike ski resort is located in Justyna Kowalczyk's hometown. It is the longest and closest to Krakow, artificially snowed and lit ski slope, described as medium difficulty.

Its characteristic feature is the even slope (21%) along the entire length of the piste, which makes for excellent skiing for both beginners and experienced skiers. The pistes (blue and red), with a total length of almost 2700 metres and a difference in altitude of 290 metres, are located entirely in the forest, which makes for a pleasant ride even in strong, gusty winds. For those taking their first steps on skis, we offer a beginner's slope on a specially prepared slope with a 100-metre SunKid magic carpet.

The Kasina ski station invites you to use the 6-seater chairlift with a length of 1100 metres. The ride to the top station at 900 m above sea level takes less than 6 minutes.

Kontakt Skijaško područje Kasina Ski&Bike Park

Kasina Ski&Bike Park
Kasina Wielka 672, PL-34-741 Mszana Dolna

+48 18 506 51 00
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Planinske žičare Turistički savez
Vrednovanje 4,4
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