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Corviglia Snowpark «Crowland»

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Corviglia Snowpark «Crowland»

St. Moritz - Corviglia

Corviglia Snowpark -

Corviglia Snowpark «crowland»

The Corviglia Snow Park is located right at the Corviglia mountain station and stretches down to Marguns. It is suitable for all ability levels. The fun slope provides curvy fun for the whole family. The Easy Park is perfect for beginners, the Blue Line makes it easy to improve and the Medium Line is where the experts have fun.

Skijaško područje St. Moritz - Corviglia

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Corviglia Snowpark «crowland»

Nadmorska visina
2450 m

Fun Slope

The Fun Slope is guaranteed to thrill the kids. The 600 m fun slope with its wave runs, steep turns and lots of fun elements make for an unforgettable experience.
1 x Tube 1 m / 4 m, 1 x Box 1 m / 4 m, 1 x Up & Down 1 m / 4 m, 1 x Rainbow 1 m / 4 m, Snow walls, Snow waves

Easy Park

The Easy Park is exactly what beginners are looking for. The run itself is 400 m long.
3 x Easy Kickers 3 m, 3 x Kinked Boxes 3 m, 2 x Rainbow Boxes 3 m, 2 x Straight Boxes 3 m, 2 x Groom Up & Down

Blue Line

With a length of 400 m, the Blue Line is an exciting way to consolidate the moves you learn in the Easy Park.
3 x Easy Rollers 5 m, 1 x Hip 2 m, 1 x Hip 6 m, 2 x Fun Boxes 3 m, 1 x Fun Box 6 m

Medium Line

With a length of 400 m, the Medium Line offers lots of attractive options for proficient skiers.
1 x Rainbow Box Advanced 6 m, 1 x S-Box 12 m, 1 x Wallride, 1 x Straight Plug 6 m, 1 x Down Rail 4 m, 2 x Straight Box 8 m, 3 x Kicker 10 m, 1 x Plug double kinked, 1 x Plug C, 1 x Plug Rainbow


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