One for the books – Sick Tick Tour Open Kitzbühel 2020 Recap - Snowpark Kitzbühel


One for the books – Sick Tick Tour Open Kitzbühel 2020 Recap

27.02.2020, 10:23
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Snowpark Kitzbühel

Last Saturday, some spectators at Snowpark Kitzbühel were simply amazed, because the Sick Trick Tour Open Kitzbühel raised the QParks Tour to the next level.

Massive kickers and sick riding
Already for the second time in a row, the Sick Trick Tour Open Kitzbühel went down on a massive kicker setup. And whoever knows Snowpark Kitzbühel must admit that this calls for proper sending. Therefore, about 70 riders gathered at the park, where they could choose between four kickers ranging from 11 to 16m table! Thus, it was crystal clear that the participants at the Sick Trick Tour Open Kitzbühel were sending it properly and showed a high level of riding. With an incredible Switch BS 12 Mute, the 17-years-old Ethan Smith (GBR) broke new ground at a QParks Tour Stop and obviously scored the Best Trick of the snowboarders. But also the freeskiers showed massive skills with Patrick Schuchter (AUT) leading the way. He stomped a huge Switch Bio 9 Tweak Safety on the Advanced Line of Snowpark Kitzbühel and got rewarded with the Best Trick of the freeskiers.

Young talents and a close run at the freeskiers competition
13-years-old freeskier Muriel Mohr (GER) contributed big time to the impressive level at the Sick Trick Tour Open. With a Switch Left 5 Saftey and a Left 7 Saftey she showed promising skills and scored the well-deserved first place in the Women Freeski contest as well as in the groms category. The second and third place in both categories went to Sarah Schönach (AUT) and Greta Luggen (AUT).

The Freeski Men contest went down to the wire, so it wasn’t clear until the end who’d win the Sick Trick Tour Open Kitzbühel. But eventually, David Wolf (AUT) sent a Switch Right Bio 9 Mute followed by Left Flat 9 Bow&Arrow over the kickers, which brought him the extra three points he needed to take the first place. Patrick Schuchter (AUT) came in a close second and Luis Resch (AUT) jumped on third place. Andreas Penz (AUT), winner of the groms freeski category convinced the judges with a Switch Left 5 Mute to Dub 7 Safety and beat André Wieser (AUT) and Stefan Heiss (AUT) to second and third place.

Clear winners at the snowboarding competitions
The winner of the Snowboard Men competition was no surprise. Ethan Smith from the UK clearly dominated the scores with a Cab 7 Nose to an impressive Switch BS 12 Mute. Considering this performance, Leonardo Sitzia (GER) and Phillip Hernler (AUT) had to admit defeat and ended up on second on third place. But the young guns were on fire, too! Sergii Sanzhapov from the Ukraine showed a solid Cab 5 Nose and a BS 7 Mute and therefore won the snowboard groms category, followed by Lenny Fenning (GBR) and Paul Frischhut (AUT).

Emma Lantos (AUT) was the female snowboarder of the day, who was stoked about her first place despite the tricky conditions. A BS 3 Mute put her on the first place, with Amber Fennell (GBR) and Zoë Willemsen (NDL) coming in second and third in the Snowboard Women competition. That was not enough for Amber Fennell, who won the groms category with a happy Zoë Willemsen and Jess Smith (GBR) on second and third place.

Special categories and prizes
As part of the Sick Trick Tour, a special category called Super Groms was established to give some extra props to the best riders born before 2008 or earlier. After all, considering the size of the contest setup, the performance of the youngest participants was admirable! Traditionally, the Sick Trick Tour Open Kitzbühel are linked also to the KSC Club Championships with Patrick Schuchter taking home the first place.

In addition to the stoke and appreciating fist bumps, the winners of the Sick Trick Tour Open Kitzbühel took home sweet prizes. The best riders of the day were rewarded with a total prize money of 1.500€ as well as goodies from Lib Tech, QParks, Sick Trick Tour, Sensual Waxing and Amplifi. Of course, the action-packed day got covered on video, that’s why you can find the best shots of the Sick Trick Tour Open Kitzbühel in the snowboard recap and freeski recap.

More information and tour rankings
All results of the Sick Trick Tour Open as well as the overall QParks Tour ranking are available on Please find more information about the Sick Trick Tour as well as upcoming events on If you want to find out more about the Snowpark Kitzbühel, check out or simply follow @snowparkkitzbuehel on Instagram.



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