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Snowpark Scuol – A Park by Winter Fanatics for Winter Fanatics - Snowpark Scuol


Snowpark Scuol – A Park by Winter Fanatics for Winter Fanatics

29.11.2016, 16:10
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Snowpark Scuol

As of the upcoming season 2016/17 loads of freestylers will be showing up at Unterengadin and the ski resort Motta Naluns. The Snowpark Scuol and the local Elements crew provide the place with some well-deserved prestige and therefore contribute to Scuol’s great reputation among riders from all over Switzerland.

Longtime park designer Curdin Erni is responsible for the fact that Scuol is seen as a little freestyle-mekka in Graubünden. For the last 11 years he’s made sure the Snowpark Scuol stays super creative and perfectly shaped. But does the beginning of winter still trigger something inside the born “Engadinean”? “Definitely – throughout all those years I stayed a winter fanatic!”, Curdin says.

A consistent setup of 600 meters
As many as 45 obstacles will await the riders in the upcoming season! The longest possible run will cover 14 features in a row. These stats can hardly be found anywhere else in the Engadinean parks! “Thanks to a new snow cannon we’re already able to cover the higher parts of the park in snow which allows us to lay the groundwork for the park”, Curdin explains. The start of the winter season 2016/17 is planned for the beginning of December. “We want the entire park to be set up by Christmas.”

A park for everyone with local vibes
The Snowpark Scuol also functions as a training park and it’s supposed to stay that way. That’s why it will once again be a /“park for everyone”/ and will offer three different areas covering all levels. Curdin Erni and his shape crew are trying to meet the different demands set by both newcomers and the ambitious local scene. “We’ll definitely try to offer a park that also allows more skilled riders to progress. The park has steadily been evolving from the very beginning and that’s what we are aiming for in the future as well.”

The guys from Unterengadin are also highly motivated when it comes to organizing events: In mid-March the Local Hero contest will take place. The winning “local heroes” can officially consider themselves the best local snowboarders and freeskiers. What’s special about this year’s event is that there will also be a competition for everyone above 30. This event, taking place at the end of the season, is a party for the Scuoleans and especially Curdin and his gang. By that time they’ll have put so much blood, sweat and tears into the Snowpark Scuol and definitely have earned their event! As always when it comes to his park, Curdin’s standards are high: “We want to get better and improve the park’s quality.” These words, along with the early snowfalls will put a grin on every snowboarder’s and freeskier’s face who will soon be storming the Snowpark Scuol.

*In order to fuel this joyful anticipation of the upcoming runs in the Snowpark Scuol, we’ve prepared a freeski teaser and a snowboard teaser for you. This footage should provide you with enough impressions of Motta Naluns to prove that the park is suitable for young newcomers as well as for advanced riders.


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