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Snowpark Nitro Surselva Park - Funpark Nitro Surselva Park - Park Brigels Waltensburg Andiast - Snowboarden

Nitro Surselva Park

Brigels Waltensburg Andiast

Under the motto "The future is bright, the future is yellow!" the NITRO Surselva Park in Brigels thrilles freestyle freaks throughout the winter with a perfectly groomed triple line.

The area at the Alp Dado is 700 meters long and is also groomed by artificial snow. Around the central kickerline consisting of jumps with tables up to 18 m, there is a child-friendly and beginner mini-line and a jib line, with different creative elements, such as boxes, rainbows, Wall and barrels. With the ski lift Parli or the quad chairlift Alp Dado from the middle station it goes back to the start in less than 5 minutes.

A special highlight is the annual slopestyle contest «Surselva Jam".

The NITRO Surselva Snowpark sees itself as the most relaxed Snowpark far and wide, but at the same time as the largest playground around Surselva!


Skijaško područje Brigels Waltensburg Andiast

Schnee- und Parkstatus

Leider keine aktuellen Parkinformationen vorhanden.

Snježne vrijednosti

Jučer, 05:00 140 cm 50 cm 1 od 12
  Planina Mjesto Otvorene vučnice

Nitro Surselva Park

stair case Specials
5m long
a-frame Box
10m long
Melissa (Box)
up, 5m long
bonk (Specials)
tabletop Kicker
knuckle, 12m table
tabletop Kicker
knuckle, 14m table
tabletop Kicker
knuckle, 16m table
wallride Specials
3m long
straight Box
4m long
tabletop Kicker
roll in, 4m table
tabletop Kicker
roll in, 6m table
mail Box
5m long
straight Box
down, 5m long
tire (Specials)
2x (Specials)
4m long
with Log & Barrel (Pipe)
straight Rail
down, 8m long
with oversized mailbox (Corner)

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