Bardolino is located approximately in the middle of the Veronese shore, where Lake Garda is at its widest. The mild climate favors the growth of Mediterranean flora: olive trees, cypresses, oleanders, laurel, vines thrive on the hills that surround the town like a wreath. Two headlands, formed over time by two torrents, extend into the lake.

In addition to traditional agriculture, the hotel and tourist industry has been developed in recent decades. Bardolino now has over sixty hotel complexes with a total of 4000 beds. The typical products such as wine, oil and fish guarantee a traditional genuine cuisine that can be tasted in the hotels, the refined restaurants or the numerous country trattorias. The main theme of the many events is always wine: in the month of June there is the celebration "Festa del Bardolino Chiaretto", in October the wine festival "festa dell'Uva e del vino Bardolino", in November the festival of the new wine "Festa del Bardolino Novello". During the grape harvest season, the grape cure is traditionally used; a therapy for your physical well-being that consists in drinking grape juice.The Municipality of Bardolino hopes to welcome you as a guest and offers you numerous events, such as:


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