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Darda is about ten kilometres away from Osijek. It was first mentioned during the Roman Empire, under the name of Tarda. Due to its location in the vicinity of former Mursa (Osijek), it was on the way to many tradesmen coming from the territory of today's Russia, Central and Northern Europe.

In the centre of today’s Darda is the castle which belonged to the old Hungarian Esterhazy family, which had a small church of St. John the Baptist, next to the castle.

During the summer, three small lakes situated almost within the place become the focus of tourist attention. The central lake is named Đola and it offers a well-kept bath and recreation centre.

Because of its specific night-time catering offer, throughout the year Darda attracts young people who come to local pubs both from Osijek and Beli Manastir.

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Svetog Ivana Krstitelja 89, HR-31326 Darda

+385 (0)31 740 002
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