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Salzburger Sonnenterrasse


822 - 1.200m
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822 - 1.200m

The charming village Goldegg is located in the heart of the Pongauer Alps (825m) away from traffic and offers its guests a holiday to suit all tastes. A well-developed network of hiking trails, 2 romantic lakes (The moor lake Goldegg and the clear Böndlsee), an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, beach volleyball, excellent restaurants from the gourmet restaurant to the typical Austrian kitchen.

Concerts, exhibitions and seminars at the Goldegg Castle with its beyond the boundaries famous painting academy will round out the offerings.

Weddings in the beautiful castle Goldegg in the so called "Rittersaal" makes this special day in the life an unforgettable event!

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Kontakt Goldegg

Tourismusverband Goldegg
Hofmark 18, A-5622 Goldegg

+43 (0)6415 8131
+43 (0)6415 8131 4
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Kontakt Planinske žičare

Tourismusverband Goldegg am See
Hofmark 18, A-5622 Goldegg am See

+434364158131 4
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Mjesta Salzburger Sonnenterrasse
Jezera Goldegg
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