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The domicile for those who want to rise high

Pause for advanced students. One thing is for sure: when the peace wants to stop, it comes to Imsterberg. When thoughts want to withdraw, they wander to Imsterberg. And if rest is the highest goal, you can reach it here. To be left in peace is good. To be left in peace is even better. Seldom is deceleration so well experienced as in Imsterberg. The distance to hectic everyday life brings
You are closer to the source of recreation and in the best location for explorations. Because a densely woven network of paths connects numerous
Walking and hiking routes with Imsterberg. In this way the most beautiful sides of Mother Nature become accessible to the rest of the world. For example, an ascent to the Venetalm pays off both on foot and by mountain bike and is rewarded with a view over the vast Inn valley. By the way, it is just as worth experiencing to simply follow the relaxed pace of the
local village life.

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Imst Tourismus
Johannesplatz 4, A-6460 Imst

+43 5412 6910 42
+43 5412 6910 8
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  • Imster Bergbahnen
    01.05.2020 - 12.09.2021 (2 Vučnice)
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