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Kronstorf - market town on the move.

Kronstorf was first mentioned in a document in 834 as "Granesdorf". Findings indicate settlement for more than 5,000 years.
A narrow historical period is referred to in science as the Maisbirbaum-Zohor-Kronstorf phase.

The Gothic church dates back to the 13th century. In 1999, the artist Inge Dick created new blue church windows that dominate the interior.
The composer Anton Bruckner lived in Kronstorf from 1843 to 1845 as a young school assistant and organist, and he felt, as he wrote, "as if he were in heaven".
Dr. Rudolf Kirchschläger, Austria's Federal President from 1974 -1986, spent his formative childhood and youth years in Kronstorf.

The market town is a popular residential and leisure community that has received several awards throughout Upper Austria and Austria as a generation- and volunteer-friendly community.
A wide range of leisure activities, cycling and hiking trails (some of which are themed trails, such as the Kirchschlägerweg), as well as the Enns River recreation area attract visitors to Kronstorf, along with a wide range of restaurants and cafés.

Current population: 3500

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Marktgemeinde Kronstorf
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