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Ringgenberg - Goldswil - Niederried

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Ringgenberg - Goldswil - Niederried


Picturesque Bernese Oberland

On the way from Goldswil to Ringgenberg and further along the lakeside path to Niederried, you will experience fascinating views of Lake Brienz, the Aare and the mountains.

You will go past historical churches, castles and ruins that tell the region’s story. After taking a dip in the Lake Burgseeli or the more invigorating Lake Brienz, you will enjoy the calm of the snug villages. Ringgenberg, Goldswil and Niederried all enjoy central positions and are perfect starting points for your excursions into the Holiday Region Interlaken.

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Tourismusbüro Ringgenberg-Goldswil-Niederried
Hauptstrasse 170, CH-3852 Ringgenberg

+41 33 822 33 88
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