Single trail on the Wurzeralm

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The Wurzeralm offers an absolute highlight for mountain bikers and freeriders:

The almost 5 km long Wurzeralm Trail leads from Almdorf at over 1400m above sea level through moderately difficult terrain down to the valley station of the Wurzeralm funicular. Once there, you can comfortably do another lap, or follow the Pyhrn-Priel Trailogie to the next hot spot.

Details about the route
The start is in the immediate vicinity of the mountain station of the Wurzeralm funicular at an altitude of around 1400 meters. The route is five kilometers long and has an altitude difference of around 600 meters. The route was worked out together with the landowners, nature conservation and the federal forests. Alpreif, a specialist in the field of regional infrastructure development, was commissioned to oversee the construction work. The single trail ends at the Wurzeralm valley station, where there is also a wash box for cleaning bikes.

Overall project Pyhrn-Priel bike trail
3 mountains, 3 days, 3 trails: The Wurbauerkogel bike park, the Wurzeralm single trail and the mountain bike route on the Hutterer Höss together form the Pyhrn-Priel Bike Trailology project. A total of 500,000 euros will be invested. Funding from the European Union is also used.

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