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The charm and authenticity of the village of Vercorin will transport you to a bygone age. Its raccards (granaries), barns and haylofts, with their timbers blackened by time, will enchant you. The gateway to the nature reserve of the Vallon de Réchy, “the natural jewel of the region”, Vercorin is surrounded by nature and its panoramic views over the Alps and the Rhone valley make it an ideal viewing gallery over Valais.

The cultural wealth of the village gives it strong links with both past and present. Art and culture are represented here by its numerous art galleries, the Edouard Vallet museum, the R&Art, the VercoJazz and its various artistic events.

Innumerable walks, bisses (irrigation channels) and educational trails start from Vercorin; these are a perfect way to explore the amazing, varied landscape. A large number of summer and winter activities enable you to unwind and recharge your batteries – skiing, snowshoeing, ski touring, tobogganing, snowtubing, snow garden, natural skating rink, paragliding, mountain biking, Adventure Forest, the Three Bisses Circuit, scooters, events, etc.

Autumn here is the ideal time to come and hear the belling of the stags echoing through the Vallon de Réchy or to try our traditional local dishes, such as brisolée, game or dried meats, accompanied by our local vintages. Vercorin is located in one of the sunniest regions of the Alps, with a microclimate that gives it exceptional climatic conditions.

Vercorin is accessible by cable car in only seven minutes from the valley floor (free parking); a further 15 minutes will take you to the 2336-metre summit (Crêt-du-midi).

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Vercorin Tourisme
Rte d'Anniviers / CP 68, CH-3967 Vercorin

+41 (0)27 4555855
+41 (0)27 4558720
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Télévercorin SA
CH-3967 Vercorin

+41 (0)27 4522900
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