BERGFEX: Skijaško trčanje Trofaiach / Krumpenloipe: Skijaško trčanje Trofaiach / Krumpenloipe


Skijaško trčanje Trofaiach / Krumpenloipe

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Trofaiach / Krumpenloipe

695 m

Loipenplan Trofaiach / Krumpenloipe

10 kilometres of the perfect "Krumpenloipe" ("Krumpen Trail") and great hospitality await guests on the edge of the Eisenerz Alps. Not too high up, between 695 and 845 metres above sea level, the trail leads to the Krumpengraben through magical forests and along the raging waters of the Krumpenbach. A children's field has been set up for the little ones and those who have still not had enough of all the beautiful winter will be enticed by the 2.5 km night trail, which is covered in snow even when if not enough falls from above. Those wishing to take a break from cross-country skiing can simply visit the indoor swimming pool and relaxation oasis or take the little ones to the tobogganing field next to the access to the cross-country skiing trail. The trail is of intermediate difficulty. There is also a ski school and a hire centre. In the evening, the calorie-conscious are particularly well catered for. However, those who do plenty of sport deserve a very special scrambled eggs made with pumpkin seed oil.


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Auch in der Saison 2020/2021 keine Preiserhöhung

Tageskarte: EUR 4,00 (inkl. 1 Getränk)
Saisonkarte: EUR 45,00 (inkl. 1 Kernöl-Eierspeise)
Kombikarte Eisenerz/Trofaiach EUR 75,00

Wieder erhältlich:
Kombi Saisonkarte: Eisenerz-Trofaiach EUR 75,00


Landhotel Reitingblick, Ortsteil Gai/Schardorf
Gashaus Ruckenstuhl, Vordernberger Straße
Gasthaus Unterdechler, Mautgasse

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+43/(0)3847-2255-218 od. +43/(0)699 13 00 5 207
Trkačke staze Pregled
klasične trkačke staze
10 km
Rundkurs Flutlicht ca. 2,0 km
Loipe za skating
10 km
Rundkurs mit Flutlicht ca. 2,0 km
Osvjetljene skijaške staze
2 km
Täglich bis 21:00 Uhr
Vrednovanje 3,3
24 Vrednovanja
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Trkačke staze


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Luchinettigasse, A-8793 Trofaiach

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