BERGFEX: Skijaško područje Forni di Sopra - Skijaški dopust Forni di Sopra

Skijaška područja Furlanija-Julijska krajina

Skijaško područje Forni di Sopra

907 - 2.075m
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Forni di Sopra

907 - 2.075m

Plan skijaških staza Skijaško područje Forni di Sopra

Vučnice Forni di Sopra


Radna vremena Zima

07.12.2019 - 10.03.2020
09:00 - 16:30

Skijaške staze Forni di Sopra

4,5 km (3)
6 km (8)
1,5 km (1)
12 km

Skijaško područje Forni di Sopra

Surrounded by the magnificent peaks of the eastern Dolomites Forni di Sopra is located at an altitude of 900 m and is the entire season relatively snow safe. The municipality has two ski resorts, the ski Davost, with some plants at low altitude, and the ski Varmost (which reaches up to the summit at 2,073 m Crusicalas) for experienced skiers. The slopes, which extend to a total of 15 km are equipped with sophisticated snowmaking systems nationwide.

For the little ones is the brand new * Fantasy * Snowpark ready, kind of a fun in the snow. For all race-oriented skiers * We offer a slalom course with automatic timing to *. There is also a skating rink * and * the ability to take ski trips, as well as operate on the artificial climbing walls * Organic *.

In addition to the alpine slopes Forni di Sopra also has * cross-country trails, covering over 13 km the river Tagliamento run along (be a simpler and a more difficult trails for advanced skiers, as well as a track with floodlighting available)

Also gym - sala macchine - with tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, an indoor swimming pool with sauna and spa pools available.

Visitors can also take part in dog sled races, a very old and only recently re-discovered species of snow fun.

Kontakt Skijaško područje Forni di Sopra

PromoTurismoFVG Forni di Sopra
Via Nazionale, 1 c/o Seggiovia Varmost, I-33024 Forni di Sopra (UD)

+39 0433 88208
Snježni telefon
+39 0433 88208
+39 0433 886949
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