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Skijaško područje Port Ainé

1.650 - 2.440m
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Port Ainé
1.650 - 2.440m
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Nueva web, más interactiva, con nuevos contenidos, mejora de la navegabilidad.
Nuevo sistema de venda online: más ágil y sencilla.
Hotel Port Ainé 2000***: Remodelación de gran parte de las habitaciones
Material de alquiler: Renovación del material: nuevos esquís, botas d´esquí alpino, tablas de snowboard y cascos.
Mejora de la seguridad en pistas que se traduce en la limpieza de pistas e instalación y revisión para-vientos, nuevas colchonetas, redes, balizas, etc.
Mejora y acondicionamiento de dos taludes y asfaltado de parte del firme de la carretera de acceso a la estación.
Revisiones especiales remontes.
Señalización: nueva señalización de carácter informativa y de movilidad y mejora de la señalización de los itinerarios de raquetas.

Skijaško područje

The ski resort Port Ainé is situated in the Pyrenees in the town of Rialp, in the mountains of Orri and the splendid natural scenery of the Pallars Sobirà.

Conveniently located on the* Pico del Orri* (2,440 m) - 95% of the slopes are located on the north side - the ski resort can provide excellent snow quality from December to April due to the favorable microclimate - also in seasons with little snowfall. From many insiders Port Ainé is traded the ski resort with the best snow conditions in the Pyrenees.

The station has 30 km of slopes and 800 m height difference for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. All slopes are within the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees integrated in an intact mountain scenery with magnificent views of the Pyrenees.

The valley station of Port Ainé is the ideal meeting place and starting point for families and snowboard or ski beginners. The detachable 6-seater chairlift JET - CIM brings all winter athletes directly up to the Pico de l'Orri, where all different types of slopes are offered: E.g. the green slope Bellavista, a simple track with more than 3 kilometers length, leading from the top to the bottom station.

Port Ainé is also known for its snow-park as one of the oldest in the Pyrenees and for many years trendsetter in the freestyle movement. The snow-park has its own ski lift and the entire repertoire of obstacles, as kickers, rails and boxes for beginners and advanced.

Regarding services Port Ainé is known for its comprehensive selection of everything that is necessary for a good day on the slopes at an altitude of 2000 m; At 2000 m there is also home of the Hotel Port Ainé 2000, which is the highest in the Pyrenees. Food- and other shops, Rental & Service, Ski School, café with sun terrace, snow sports center, amusement parks and panoramic restaurant ... everything matched to the skier!

Port Ainé is definitely a suitable ski resort full of pleasure and for all skiers.

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