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Tölzer Land


630 - 1.801m
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630 - 1.801m

Welcome to Benediktbeuern!

Just take a deep breath when you arrive in the Upper Bavarian monastery village of Benediktbeuern - and the purity of nature will impress you. Today as it was in 739 when Benedictine monks founded Upper Bavaria's oldest monastery at the foot of the mighty Benediktenwand (1,801m). The scenery is impressive, even today, and someone seeing the towers of the baroque minster reaching into a blue and white sky against the mighty backdrop of the mountains could imagine they had opened an Upper Bavarian picture book. It's best if you come and see for yourself. And bring your camera, because a walk across the expanse of the Loisach Valley is a great way to relax and take photos of the scenic surroundings.

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Prälatenstr. 3, D-83671 Benediktbeuern

+49 (0)8857 248
+49 (0)8857 9470
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