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220 - 480m
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220 - 480m

Retz, a traditional town of wine and trade, extends you a warm welcome!
The Main Square in Retz is one of the largest and most beautiful market squares in Austria. The surrounding architecture, such as the Verderber House in the style of the Venetian Renaissance and the wonderful baroque and Biedermeier buildings, creates an atmosphere reminiscent of an Italian piazza.

The square can also be explored underground. The town of Retz boasts the largest and most unique system of cellars in Central Europe. The longest continuous cellar space reaches a length of 21 km and a depth of 30 m. Wine from far and wide was stored here as early as 500 years ago.

The RETZER LAND region offers relaxation and a sense of warmth and safety, as well as many unique experiences. You can enjoy excellent local wines and dishes prepared according to the traditional recipes of the Weinviertel region, which has preserved its connections with nature. This unique combination of traditions and a view to the future will become permanently engraved in your memory.

Retz is also a member of a group of affiliated towns known as "Weinstraße Weinviertel" (The Weinviertel Region Wine Path), offering you the chance to explore the largest wine-growing region in Austria with over 132 kilometres full of unexpected surprises and wonderful experiences.

Wishing you a wonderful visit to the Town of Retz and the Retzer Land region!

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Wiener Straße 1, A-2170 Poysdorf

+43 2552 3515
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