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Skijaško područje Dachstein Gletscher Schladming Ramsau - Ski amade

2.296 - 2.700m
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Dachstein Gletscher Schladming...

2.296 - 2.700m

Plan skijaških staza Skijaško područje Dachstein Gletscher Schladming Ramsau - Ski amade
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Radna vremena Zima

25.12.2021 - 01.05.2022

Der Dachstein Gletscher ist derzeit geschlossen!

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Covid-19 Maßnahmen Dachstein Gletscher Schladming Ramsau - Ski amade
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Noviteti Dachstein Gletscher Schladming Ramsau - Ski amade

*A journey through time awaits you in the Ice Palace on the Dachstein Glacier.

Deep inside the glacier you will experience a very special journey through time. Sculptures such as dinosaurs from early times to the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun are set in scene by light effects in the eternal ice and offer you a unique insight into the past.

*The Dachstein Glacier - an unforgettable destination!

In addition to the breathtaking view, the fantastic ambience on the glacier offers you many attractions that will make your excursion unforgettable. When you arrive at the mountain station, the path leads directly to the Sky Walk. The suspension bridge takes you directly to the staircase to nowhere, which provides a thrill at dizzy heights. At the end of the suspension bridge is the entrance to the Dachstein Ice Palace. Various sculptures from the past carved into the ice await you here.

Skijaško područje Dachstein Gletscher Schladming Ramsau - Ski amade

High up on the Dachstein

The Dachstein is considered a UNSECO World Heritage Site, here you can enjoy unique glacier fun in winter. Extravagant glacier fun can be enjoyed below the Dachstein peak. There, excellent cross-country ski trails are groomed, which are appreciated by competitive and amateur athletes from all over the world.

*COVID-19: Current Info
All our current COVID-19 protection measures as well as questions and answers can be read here:

The Dachstein - A Glacier Full of Possibilities!

Skiing enthusiasts appreciate the grandiose descents amidst the rugged cliffs with views of the famous "Dreigestirn ". Plus attractions such as the Dachstein Ice Palace, the Dachstein Sky Walk and the suspension bridge with the "stairway to nowhere".*These highlights are all included in the Ski amadé season ticket in winter and make a day on the Dachstein an unforgettable experience.
More info at:

*Skiing & cross-country skiing

For anyone who would prefer winter all year round, the Dachstein glacier is the absolute place-to-be.

Don't wait any longer for winter in autumn and delay your skiing pleasure a little longer in spring. Top-prepared slopes with north-facing, flat slopes and optimal snow conditions await you.

Kontakt Skijaško područje Dachstein Gletscher Schladming Ramsau - Ski amade

Dachstein Gletscher
Schildlehen 79, A-8972 Ramsau am Dachstein

+43 3687 22042 800
Snježni telefon
+43 3687 22042 800
+43 3687 22042 910
Početna stranica
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Radna vremena Ljeto

13.05.2021 - 01.12.2021

Der Dachstein Gletscher wird mit 13.05.2021 den Betrieb wieder aufnehmen!

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