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Skijaško područje Dachstein Gletscher Schladming Ramsau - Ski amade

2.296 - 2.700m
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Dachstein Gletscher Schladming...

2.296 - 2.700m

Plan skijaških staza Skijaško područje Dachstein Gletscher Schladming Ramsau - Ski amade
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Die Dachsteingletscherbahn sowie alle Anlagen haben derzeit geschlossen! Der Dachstein Gletscher wird voraussichtlich ab 13.05.2021 den Betrieb wieder aufnehmen!
Der Dachstein Gletscher wird voraussichtlich ab 13.05.2021 den Betrieb wieder aufnehmen!

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Der Dachstein Gletscher ist derzeit geschlossen!

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Noviteti Dachstein Gletscher Schladming Ramsau - Ski amade

*Since summer 2020 a new theme is awaiting you at the Ice Palace on the Dachstein Glacier *

After a journey of 2 years through Europe, a new adventure begins in the Ice Palace! From summer 2020 the theme will change - get surprised! The Ice Palace can be reached in only three minutes on foot from the Dachstein mountain station.

Renovation of the Dachstein-Warte (Seetalerhütte) refuge
The Dachstein-Warte, located at an altitude of 2,700 metres and operated by the Austrian Alpine Association, is the starting point for the popular Johann via ferrata through the south face of the Dachstein. So it's no surprise that this hut remains an important base for mountaineers and climbers. Unfortunately, the hut was at risk of collapse due to a large hole underneath it. So architects were invited to submit their designs in an architectural competition. The result is a great-looking futuristic, modern building which is both practical and eco-friendly. Work got underway at the end of July 2017 and the Austrian Alpine Association expects to reopen the new hut on the Dachstein before the end of 2018.

Regular ski operations get underway on the Dachstein glacier in fall right at the start of winter. And the same goes for the network of cross-country trails.

Skijaško područje Dachstein Gletscher Schladming Ramsau - Ski amade

Way up on the Dachstein

The Dachstein is a UNESCO World Heritage site where a unique glacier experience can be enjoyed in wintertime. Beneath the summit of the Dachstein there is pleasure aplenty to be had. Here outstanding trails are groomed which are appreciated by endurance athletes and hobby enthusiasts from around the globe.

The Dachstein - a glacier brimming with opportunities!

Skiing enthusiasts love the fabulous runs amid rugged rocks with a view of the famous "triumvirate", while further attractions include the Ice Palace, the Dachstein Sky Walk and the suspension bridge with the "Stairway to Nothingness". These highlights are all included in your Ski amadé season ticket and make a day on the Dachstein an unforgettable experience.
For more information visit:

Skiing and cross-country

For anyone who would like to winter to last the whole year the Dachstein glacier is the place to be.

There's no need to wait in autumn for wintertime to arrive and the joy of skiing can be pursued right into spring. Here superbly-groomed pistes on north-facing slopes and outstanding snow conditions await you.

It's also possible to use the groomed diagonal stride and skating trails, which are up to 18 km in length, from November until July. For further details about the trails click here:

Ambitious ski tourers will also be in their element on the Dachstein.

Ski touring pleasure around the UNESCO World Heritage site

The new ski routes around the highest mountain in Styria allow the guest to enjoy this unique natural paradise all day long. On the Panorama Tour skiers of all ability levels can enjoy the winter paradise around the Dachstein from its loveliest side. Meanwhile, fit, seasoned skiers can do the Dachstein Crossing, known as the "Austrian National Ski Tour". From the Dachstein glacier it runs for 25 kilometres and with an altitude difference of 2000 metres to Lake Hallstätter.

For alpine skiers the south side of the massif is a real challenge. Freeriders can really let their hair down on the steep slopes, some of which have extreme gradients.

As well as the "Panorama Tour" and the "National Ski Tour" there are also two guided options for highly skilled skiers: the "Extreme Tour" from the Dachstein Glacier across the karst mountainside to the Guttenberghaus hut, from where it is necessary to negotiate a steep descent into the valley. The "Powder Tour" includes the most renowned descent around the Dachstein: the *Edelgrieß run. The Dachstein's fine powder and vertiginous descents make for a skiing experience sure to linger long in the memory.

Kontakt Skijaško područje Dachstein Gletscher Schladming Ramsau - Ski amade

Dachstein Gletscher
Schildlehen 79, A-8972 Ramsau am Dachstein

+43 3687 22042 800
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+43 3687 22042 800
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