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1.449 - 3.738m
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1.449 - 3.738m

Curon/Graun is best known for its Romanesque bell tower that emerges from Lake Resia and passersby are understandably curious about its history. This steeple, dating back to 1355, indicates that there once was a village down below. The last inhabitants of old Curon were forcibly ejected in 1950 just a few days before water poured in to fill the Resia artificial lake reservoir and the new Curon was relocated on the shore of the large Lake Resia. The old cluster of farmhouses was replaced by a new village, scattered along the shores of the lake, which in recent years has become a center for winter tourism.

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Ferienregion Reschenpass
Hauptstraße 22, I-39027 Reschen

+39 0473 633101
+39 0473 633140
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Schöneben AG
Via Paese Vecchio - Piz, I-Resia Resia

+39 04736 33333
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