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Skijaška područja Žilina Region

Skijaško područje Winter Park Martinky

1.150 - 1.456m
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Winter Park Martinky

1.150 - 1.456m

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28.12.2019 - 13.03.2020
08:30 - 15:30

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Skijaško područje Winter Park Martinky

Ski resort Winter Park Martinky is situated in the Malá Fatra region overlooking the town of Martin, between 1,150 m and 1,456 m above sea level. It is well-known for its excellent ski slopes, beautiful scenery and view of all Slovak mountain ranges and Martin.

Winter Park Martinky is a resort unique in Slovakia with its abundance of natural snow. Until 2008 there was no need of artificial snow. It is likely that we will not need it even in future. However, we have built a snow-making system just in case.

Winter Park Martinky is one of a few „town“ ski centres. After the completion of the 8-seat cabin cableway it will be accessible by public transport directly from Martin. Skiers will find perfectly prepared pistes of various difficulty levels and natural snow all the winter long. On top of that, our resort offers lots of hiking and cross-country skiing possibilities.

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