BERGFEX: Skijaško područje Valmorel - Le Grand Domaine - Skijaški dopust Valmorel - Le Grand Domaine

Skijaška područja Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Skijaško područje Valmorel - Le Grand Domaine

1.400 - 2.500m
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Valmorel - Le Grand Domaine

1.400 - 2.500m

Plan skijaških staza Skijaško područje Valmorel - Le Grand Domaine
Aktuelle Informationen 25.03.2020, 09:50
25.03.2020, 09:50
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OUVERTURE DU DOMAINE SKIABLE LE SAMEDI 21 DÉCEMBRE 2019 JUSQU'AU 19 AVRIL 2020 DOMAINE DE CELLIERS FERMETURE LE 5 AVRIL 2020 PRE OUVERTURE STATION DE VALMOREL 14 ET 15 DECEMBRE 2019 Télécabine de Pierrafort du lundi 16 au vendredi 20 décembre : Télécabine de Pierrafort + Télésiège Altispace + Télésiège Biollène + Télésiège Morel + Télésiège Mottet ! A vos skis ! Prêts ! Partez !

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21.12.2019 - 14.03.2020
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Skijaške staze Valmorel - Le Grand...

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Noviteti Valmorel - Le Grand Domaine

New entertaining area Pirates and Princesses on the Beaudin sector
This space is built around a giant castle made of snow and foam elements on the theme of pirates. It also mixes picnic zones, get togethers between both skiers and pedestrians and fun with drums, tables ...

Skijaško područje Valmorel - Le Grand Domaine

« Valmorel la belle » regroups the resorts of Valmorel and Doucy-Combelouvière in the first ski area in the Tarentaise, with 3,600 hectares of skiing and snow activities for everyone.

Walks, mountain pedestrian itineraries, snow shoes, snake-gliss, air board, igloo village, something for everyone in a unspoilt environment. Adding to its magnificent views : the Lauzière, Vanoise and Mont Blanc mountain ranges is the local architecture with its savoyard chalets built out of stone, wood and slate.

For holidaymakers there is a selection of accommodation (hotels, tourist residences, rental apartments, holiday centres), as well as organised structures such as the ESF and the « Piou-piou » club (children from 18 months to 6 years old).

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